DULUTH– Janet Kennedy is pleased to announce her re-election campaign for the Duluth City Council District Five. 
“I am proud to serve the Fifth District,” said Janet Kennedy. “I am pleased to work with and have the support for re-election from many community members and neighbors that share my vision of growing Western Duluth.” 
Janet Kennedy is in her first term on the Duluth City Council, currently serving as Council President, it is critical that she be re-elected with nearly half of the councilors stepping down after this year. President Kennedy will continue to provide consistent leadership, ensure stability, and hold the city administration accountable to the citizens of Duluth in her second term.
“We have so many great assets and amenities in Western Duluth,” Kennedy continued, “such as the GND Rec Skate Park, the Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad, and the Spirit Valley Building for Youth and Community Wellness project proposal. For the last four years, we have shown that Western Duluth is open for business and ready to help increase the tax base.” In her re-election campaign, Janet will continue her work in decreasing the tax burden on the taxpayers just like in this last Duluth city budget season, building healthy communities with good safety nets, and attracting new development to Western Duluth that fit within the needs of the neighbors and residents. 
“I am most proud of the new businesses and development we are attracting to Western Duluth, as well as the time sitting down and listening to what the residents and businesses need and want, rather than take a top-down approach,” said Janet Kennedy. “Input from the people who are most impacted is important to me, they need to know someone is looking out for them.” 
Janet is a mother of two and a grandmother of nine. A lifelong Duluthian and has worked in the Physical Therapy field for twenty-five years and is a business owner. She is currently in her first term on the Duluth City Council and serves as the Duluth Council President. When she’s not busy volunteering with her church or spending time with her family, you can usually run into her biking, walking or riding her motorcycle around the city. 

If re-elected, Janet Kennedy would be the most senior member of the Duluth City Council.