Essentia Health says it has reached a tentative agreement with its MNA-represented nurses in Moose Lake. Meanwhile, a vote is being held today on whether or not the MNA will initiate an unfair labor practices strike at other hospitals. The vote comes as 15,000 nurses in the Twin Cities and Twin Ports have been back at work for two months since a historic three-day unfair labor practice strike in September. While nurses have made every effort to negotiate in good faith and win fair contracts at the negotiating table, The MNA said in a news release, hospital executives continue to commit unfair labor practices and refuse solutions to solve the crisis of care and working conditions in our hospitals. Joining nurses at fifteen hospitals in the Twin Cities and Twin Ports, nurses at St. Luke’s Two Harbors hospital will also vote.
"Both parties worked hard at the bargaining table in pursuit of a contract that benefits our nurses, our organization and — most importantly — our patients. This outcome exemplifies what is possible through good-faith negotiations. It also ensures that these nursing jobs will remain among the best in the Moose Lake area," Essentia said in a news release regarding the Moose Lake facility.

As part of the tentative agreement, the MNA negotiating committee has agreed to recommend ratification and will hold a ratification vote on or before Dec. 9, Essentia said. The tentative agreement indicates that the Moose Lake location will not participate in a strike authorization vote on Nov. 30.