Woodland Hills is changing its name—sort of.

Woodland Hills, Cambia Hills and Neighborhood Youth Services are all programs of the same 501(c)(3) corporation, St. James Home of Duluth, Inc., that was created in 1971 to serve at-risk children and youth throughout the state.  That corporate name, St. James Home, has changed to The Hills Youth and Family Services.

With this corporate name change, our three well-recognized programs will continue as they always have:

  • Woodland Hills will provide trauma-focused residential support for adjudicated youth.
  • Cambia Hills will provide trauma-focused residential, day, and community mental health services for children.
  • Neighborhood Youth Services will provide free drop-in prevention and enrichment programs for school-aged youth at our community site in Duluth’s Central Hillside.

Jeff Bradt, CEO and President said, “Although Woodland Hills has been doing business as ‘Woodland Hills’ for over forty years, our corporate name has always been St. James Home of Duluth, Inc. Over the years, that’s caused confusion so, our board of directors voted to change our legal/corporate name to The Hills Youth and Family Services.”

To learn more about this change and the other exciting things happening at The Hills Youth and Family Services—such as our Fore the Kids Golf Tournament and our employment opportunities—visit our new website www.TheHillsYFS.org.

The Hills Youth and Family Services is a Duluth-based nonprofit that specializes in residential and community-based programs that help at-risk children, teens, and young adults. The Hills Youth and Family Services includes Woodland Hills Juvenile Justice program, Cambia Hills Mental Health program and Neighborhood Youth Services program.