The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) opened their doors Wednesday, September 9th for a presidential campaign event featuring Donald Trump, Jr.  The DECC has had several smaller events, but this event was the most high-profile held at the DECC during the COVID era.

The DECC’s ability to enforce health and safety measures, as well as applicable local and state guidelines, was questioned by some.  Despite the doubt, the event was executed flawlessly.  DECC staff maintained a headcount and ensured temperatures were taken before entering the facility. Masks were required and signage was displayed to remind guests. There were a total of 247 attendees for the event which included staff and media.

Roger Reinert, Interim Executive Director at the DECC, stated, “I’m proud of our staff who ensured we handled a controversial event with professionalism, and also ensured we protected public health.  They received compliments from the organizers, the public, and even the Secret Service.  The DECC felt a bit like the DECC again – and that was a great feeling for all of us.”

The DECC’s current campaign is: 

“You have something you want to do. We have the space to do it.”