National Bank of Commerce (NBC), the area’s largest, locally owned, full-service community bank, recently made their second donation installment of $125,000 to the Entrepreneur Fund. The goal of this campaign is to enable capitalization of the Entrepreneur Fund to complete $20 million in annual lending to small businesses in the Twin Ports community. This loan production level was met in 2020 and the Entrepreneur Fund is gearing up to access additional financing in early 2021 as they anticipate added demands due to COVID-19. 

Shawn Wellnitz, President and CEO of the Entrepreneur Fund, stated, “NBC and their leadership recognized the vision and opportunity of our capital campaign – what it means for small businesses, our community, and the regional economy. It has unlocked support from major donors and, in the end, over $20 million in new flexible capital for small businesses. NBC was the early catalyst that made the campaign possible.”

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