Did you know that Wisconsin has 150,000 fewer people between the ages of 25-54 than it did a decade ago? This shrinking number has board implications for the state's future workforce
This is where Inspire Northward can bridge the gap and make connections to retain young talent in the state - and the Northwest Wisconsin region!
Inspire Northward provides a direct interface between students and local businesses. By integrating career development tools, social media elements and workforce data into ONE system, businesses, students, educators, and parents can connect efficiently and effectively. 
Inspire allows you to:
Increase your business’ visibility and highlight your community involvement
Promote careers that are available in Inspire and help students realize that there are many opportunities in your community
Nurture your future workforce by connecting with them early in their career development
Bridge the skills gap of students coming out of high school by communicating what the real world needs
Help build Northwest Wisconsin into a workforce-strong and economically vibrant region
Inspire Northward staff are excited to see what 2020 will bring!