Dubh Linn Brew Pub in Duluth is bringing back comedy!  After a long year and a half hiatus we are reopening our comedy club.  

The Saturday night Professional Comedy Tour is back with a 9pm show every week.  Then, once we are sure we are running smoothly, we will ad back our 6:30 show sometime in November. 

In an effort to make open mic comedy more accessible to more people we has moved it from Friday nights at 10:30pm to Thursday nights at 8pm.  It is free to the public.  Comedians can sign up at Dubhlinnpub.com, or show up a half hour before the show to register.  

We are very excited to reopen the club.  We have been getting requests for months from customers and comedians alike asking when we would start up again, and it is finally here.  Featuring the top 200 touring comedians in the United States, with talent who regularly perform and write for The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Saturday Night Live, HBO, last comic standing and more.  

The comedians, most of whom make comedy their sole income, have been chomping at the bit for 18 months to get a chance to make people laugh. The talent pool is bursting at the seams looking for places to perform, and they are extremely excited to bring laughter back to the masses.  

Dinner comedy is also back, with dinner reservations available before or during the shows. 

We have restarted our online ticketing and brought back Eventbrite.com as our ticketing agent.  Tickets are now available at…