Donna Bergstrom, endorsed Republican candidate for State Senate 7 (Duluth), issued the following statement after learning of Mayor Emily Larson’s comments regarding President Trump:

“Mayor Larson’s comments are rude, offensive and completely inappropriate as an elected official for the citizens of Duluth. Let me remind Mayor Larson that she represents the entire city of Duluth, not simply the members of her base. She may not understand the monumental work the Trump Administration has taken on behalf of our country. I’ll point out two. First, as a Veteran, I appreciate the work of the Trump Administration in seeing that our health concerns are a top priority, as evidenced in the passing of the MISSION Act that allows Veterans to receive care in their community without having to travel necessarily to VA centers. Second, as a Native American, I appreciate the work this administration has undertaken on behalf of Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives, particularly in committing to opening seven Cold Case Task Force Offices across the nation, the first of which opened right here in Minnesota in the city of Bloomington. The cold case offices will focus attention on this long-standing problem in the Native community. Decades of this disparagement in solving these cases transcends several presidents.The lack of respect our Mayor has displayed to the commander-in-chief does not sit well with me.

Mayor Larson’s words and thinking show outright disdain for our community members. This isn't her first ignorant outburst but let’s put her on notice that we will not tolerate this divisive language. We are a community based on respect for each other. Fix the potholes, stay in your lane and make us proud to be Duluthians. That’s your job.”