The APEX family was saddened when Kelvin R. (Kelly) Herstad passed away this past June. Throughout his career, Kelly was a champion for regional economic development. He owned and operated United Truck Body in Hermantown for over 50 years and his political activism helped move our region forward.

Kelly was an APEX Charter member when our organization began in 2004 under P & K Properties and remained an active APEX supporter throughout the remainder of his life. APEX founding CEO & President, Rob West, shared “There were always 3 things you could expect of Kelly: 1) He would ask good and often times the tough questions that needed to be asked; 2) He shared his experiences and insights that were often very helpful; and 3) He was extremely engaged.” 

We at APEX will always remember and be grateful for Kelly’s passion for the betterment of our region and community. He would often times contact our office informing us of a potential business attraction or expansion lead way before we learned of it otherwise. Brian Hanson, APEX's current CEO & President, stated "Kelly was a business leader who was always generous with sharing his time, skills and knowledge with the APEX family. His contributions live on in a successful family-owned business."

Kelly impacted our economy and made a difference. He was a fierce advocate, a great person and a dedicated business owner. He is and will continue to be missed.