Gary Anderson, Duluth City Councilor for the First District, announced today that he will run for re-election for a second 4-year term. Anderson is presently the Vice-President of the Council, serves on the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission and is the chair of the Council Personnel Committee. Anderson is running on a platform of support for all people, our environment, and for a healthy and vibrant Duluth community—People, Planet, and Prosperity.

Anderson’s involvement in politics began in the 90’s when he fought for the rights of LGBT people on his job at UPS and within his Teamsters Union. In 2011 his life changed dramatically when he became the lead organizer in Duluth during the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign which ultimately resulted in legalizing marriage for all Minnesotans. He was elected to his first term on the City Council in November 2015 with 62% of the vote.

Announcing his re-election campaign Anderson said, “Those of you who know me understand that I am a person who is deeply committed to following my conscience.  As your district councilor, I have been guided by my values. I have sponsored and voted for resolutions and ordinances to protect the rights of people experiencing homelessness, working people, Native people, and young people.  I have voted to protect the health of members of our community and our water. I have voted for carefully crafted policies that respond to the real concerns of our diverse community. I have advocated for economic and business development and housing to meet the needs of our whole community. And importantly, throughout my term, I have consistently supported the needs of the people of the first district.”