ALLETE is proud to be a leader in Minnesota’s clean energy transformation. We look forward to partnering with Gov. Walz and our many other stakeholders on the proposal announced today (Monday). We appreciate the flexibility and collaborative approach the proposal appears to offer to investor owned utilities, independent power producers, cooperatives and municipals in terms of expectations and timing, as well as the governor’s recognition that Minnesota Power and ALLETE Clean Energy are industry experts and have been leading the way in the energy sector transformation toward a clean energy future.

We especially appreciate that the proposal is not a “one size fits all” approach, taking into account utilities across the state are different in size, energy supply portfolio and the customers they serve. Here in Northeastern Minnesota, Minnesota Power serves large natural resource-based industries, including taconite and paper production facilities, as well as residential and commercial customers. Our large industries compete on a global stage where reliable power at a competitive price is critical to their bottom line and sustainability. Affordability is also critical to our low-income customers.

Minnesota Power has moved faster and farther than other utilities in the Midwest to deliver renewable energy to its customers. Just 15 years ago, our energy mix was 95 percent coal. We have dramatically reduced coal on our system, having retired seven of our nine coal units while increasing our renewable mix to 30 percent through an innovative mix of wind, solar, hydro and biomass. We are still moving forward with our

EnergyForward strategy and expect to grow our renewables to 45 percent by 2025. Our past performance serves as a strong indicator of how we will use innovation and creative solutions to achieve future sustainability goals. We will continue to partner with our customers, our communities and our policymakers to ensure we are meeting our commitments.

ALLETE Clean Energy continues to expand renewables to help companies across Minnesota and beyond add cost competitive and carbon free energy. The company’s actions to refurbish and repower existing wind farms and expansion of new wind projects are sustaining and accelerating the industry’s clean energy transformation.

All across ALLETE, we are proud, committed partners working from a balanced stakeholder perspective to provide sustainable energy solutions as we answer the call to transform the nation’s energy landscape.