The University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Transportation and Logistics Research Center will host its Aeronautics and Aerospace Camp for High School Girls at UW-Superior. 

This event, which will take place June 25 to 26, is designed to teach high school girls about the opportunity for women to find careers in aeronautics and space. The participants will learn about the history of women in aviation and see potential careers on industry tours.

Aeronautics and Aerospace Camp will begin at UW-Superior with a pretest about various aspects of flight, rocket launching, outer space and other information that the girls will learn throughout their two days.

Participants will leave campus to tour Lake Superior Helicopters, the Duluth International Airport control tower, Cirrus Aircraft, Monaco Air and the 148th Fighter Wing to learn about what each company does and what careers within those companies look like.

The second day of camp will begin with the flight simulator and focus on landing – how to land smoothly and the science behind why that is the best way to land. Following this session, the participants will work together on building and launching a homemade rocket.

This program is funded through a special initiatives grant from the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program and the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium.