The Cook County Creative Economy Collaborative (CEC) announces that it has invited Artspace to Grand Marais for a preliminary feasibility visit. The public meeting is scheduled for  7:00 – 8:30 P.M. tonight at the Cook County Courthouse, Commissioner’s Room, 411 W Second St.

Artspace develops projects to spur economic growth through fostering living and working space for artists.  The outcome of the visit will help Cook County understand the potential to create a successful, affordable, self-sustaining arts development project.  

The visit and ensuing report are intended to help us understand and explore the key elements that determine feasibility of a project (project concept, site selection, market need, funding and financing, local leadership, sustained community impact); engage key stakeholders to build support for the Project; and outline the next steps necessary to move the project forward. 

The Artspace visit is inspired by Leveraging Creativity - Cook County Cultural Plan, Strategic Framework Implementation Plan.  The purpose of the plan is “Accelerating the development of Arts and Culture as a key prosperity driver contributing to the social and economic vitality of Cook County.”  One focus of this plan is Placemaking, with a goal to “Envision, plan, design and build the next generation of focal point facilities, generating a shared sense of excitement and purpose while also supporting arts, culture and events in Cook County.”  The strategy being to “Create a facilities master plan that includes a needs assessment, analysis of options, preliminary design concept and cost estimates.”