Vikre unveils canned craft cocktail

Vikre Distillery of Duluth's released its first canned craft cocktail. It is called Frenchie and is a blend of Vikre’s organic Juniper Gin, sparkling rosé wine, a floral rosé liqueur, and lemon juice.

“Frenchie is my love letter to one of my very favorite cocktails, the French 75,” said

creator Emily Vikre. “I've taken the classic French 75 recipe and made a few careful

tweaks to make it a little spritzier.

Canned cocktails have a reputation of being sugar bombs with lots of artificial

flavorings and colorings, but craft distilleries are starting to make their own canned


“We’re pushing the envelope on quality and creativity,” Vikre said. “I wanted a

cocktail that has the ease and portability of a can, but that doesn’t compromise any

of the flavor or quality standards I have for the cocktails in our distillery cocktail


The cocktail will be available across Minnesota in liquor stores in 4-pack boxes of 250 ml slim cans (8.4 oz.), and over time will be available in restaurants and bars .Frenchie will not be available for purchase off-sale at the distillery due to state laws strictly limiting direct sales from distilleries. However, Vikre Distillery will have Frenchie available on tap at the distillery cocktail room.