Vikre Distillery announced the the USDA has granted an organic certification of their

three gins – Boreal Juniper Gin, Boreal Spruce Gin, and Boreal Cedar Gin – as well as

their Øvrevann Aquavit.

“We have always been intensely committed to the quality of the ingredients we use

in our spirits,” said distillery co-founder Joel Vikre. “We’ve been using organic

ingredients for years, so what is actually in the bottle hasn’t changed, but now we

have finished the paperwork and gotten the certification, and that feels awesome!”

Health and eco-conscious consumers have an increasingly large number of organic

food options to choose from, but overall spirits has lagged behind foods. Less than

1 percent of spirits sales are of organic spirits.

“We prioritize local and we prioritize organic in all of our ingredient sourcing,”

explains co-founder Emily Vikre, who has a PhD in food policy from Tufts University

and studied with professors who had been involved in the writing of the USDA

Organic Standards. “We love working with local farmers because we can visit them

and their fields and see what a beautiful job they do of taking care of the land. And

organic is also important to us because, especially for spices that we have to source

from elsewhere, it means we know for sure that no chemical pesticides or fertilizers

went into producing those crops, which makes them better for the environment, better for the farmers, better for the communities, and better for the people drinking our spirits.”