Stephanie Dunaiski to join Swim Creative
Swim Creative announced today their most recent addition of Copywriter and Content Producer Stephanie Dunaiski to their team.

Dunaiski brings eight years of local marketing experience and over ten years of professional writing experience to the team. She has a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. With roots in journalism, Stephanie trained with the late Mike Simonson, an award-winning Wisconsin Public Radio reporter. She also worked as a producer and reporter for Fox 21.

Dunaiski started her marketing career at Black Bear Casino Resort where she managed advertising for the resort. “No one on the team wanted to handle advertising and I was like, ‘Can I take it?’ When I reviewed my first TV commercial, I knew this was what I wanted to do.” Stephanie recalls.

Most recently, she learned about content marketing and web writing while working as a content specialist at Essentia Health. “I knew I wanted to learn about websites,” she says. “I had experienced most traditional marketing, but I wanted to know more about the black box that is web.”