North Shore Bank president appointed to ABA post

Ken Johnson

The American Bankers Association (ABA) has appointed Ken Johnson, North Shore Bank President/CEO, to the ABA Government Relations Council.

The council represents a broad cross-section of the banking industry by size, geography, and charter type. The GRC develops recommendations on positions and priorities regarding legislative and regulatory issues that are then presented to the ABA Board of Directors for approval. They may also be invited to participate in working groups on key issues that arise during the year. Most importantly, members of the GRC are asked to be active advocates for the policy positions of the ABA to members of the legislative and executive branches, related agencies and fellow bankers.

The ABA said Johnson has been a passionate advocate for the industry for over a decade since he first joined the Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA) Government Relations Council. Since then, he has played an active role with the MBA as a member of their Board of Directors and a past chair of the Government Relations Council. Johnson has also spent three years as a member of ABA’s Community Bankers Council. 

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to be part of this respected group of bankers and represent the state of Minnesota,” Johnson said. “Our bank mission supports this involvement and we are proud to say we have been committed to the communities we serve since 1915.”