Duluth Mayor Emily Larson announced the Clarence Maddy Award was presented to former Financial Director Wayne Parson. Mayor Larson presented him with the award at an all-staff meeting.

“There is hardly a project or a decision that hasn’t been made without Wayne’s influence,” Larson said. “From the seawalls to Superior Street, to the 2012 flood, and the COVID-19 pandemic, we are a better city because of Wayne’s decisions and dedication to our organization.”

The Clarence Maddy Award is presented to an employee who goes above and beyond their standard job description and provides valuable services to citizens and colleagues. It is named after Clarence Maddy, who worked as the chief administrative officer for 22 years and five mayors. The award is looked at as a lifetime achievement award.

A part of his nomination read, “Wayne has been a pillar in City Finance since 2005. Under Wayne’s leadership, the City of Duluth has persevered through financial challenges and Wayne has been instrumental in creating essential financial policies, boosting the City’s credit rating, and creating a strong finance department.”
In accepting the award, Mr. Parson said, “Over the years, I have known several of our Clarence Maddy award winners, and I am not sure that I belong with that group of distinguished people. With that said, I am super thankful for the recognition. I have worked hard in trying to make a difference!”

Parson is retiring from the City of Duluth after 15 years at the end of December.