For MPR, Mark Zdechlik and the AP report, “President Trump played up the benefits of his tax cuts on Monday’s tax filing day in a state where he’s aiming to turn a narrow defeat in the 2016 presidential race into a victory in his re-election bid next year. ‘We promised these tax cuts would be rocket fuel for the American economy and we were absolutely right,’ Trump told an audience at a trucking company where a red, white and blue banner exclaimed: ‘USA open for business.’”

The Star Tribune report by Patrick Condon and Miguel Otarola says, “He then touted the GOP tax cuts, which he called the ‘largest in history’ — a claim some economists dispute. ‘Over 80 percent of American families are now receiving benefits from the tax cut,’ Trump added. Outside the company gates, opposing groups of supporters and protesters confronted each other, shouting insults and pushing their signs in front of each other. Police officers, including from local departments and the sheriff’s office, surrounded the groups, which numbered several hundred people.”