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Christine Seitz expresses optimism about the NorShor project.

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Protestors on Monday asked to meet with Enbridge officials regarding the partnership's proposed pipeline projects. The group marched between two Enbridge offices in Superior, chanting "Health Not Wealth" and other slogans.

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St. Louis County Police Chief John Belmar briefed the media on the conditions of the two officers shot in Ferguson overnight, while SWAT team officers swarmed a home in Ferguson Thursday morning in a search for those responsible for the shooting.

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Police mobilize in the parking lot of the Ferguson Police Station after two police officers were shot while standing guard in front of the Ferguson Police Station on Thursday, March 12, 2015.

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Rev. James Reeb of Casper was murdered in March 1965 after traveling to Selma, Alabama to participate in the Selma to Montgomery civil rights march. Reeb's family, including his oldest son, John, are traveling to Selma for the 50th anniversary of the march. 

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Gov. Scott Walker and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul were crowd favorites at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past week outside Washington, D.C.