Walz asks lawmakers to back record $2.7 billion bonding bill
Gov. Tim Walz speaks at a press conference in St. Paul in June 2020. On Monday, the governor asked the Legislature to back a $2.7 billion “local jobs and projects” plan.

Gov. Tim Walz asked the Legislature on Tuesday to back a $2.7 billion “local jobs and projects” plan that's considerably larger than the record package that lawmakers passed two years ago.

The Democratic governor unveiled his wish list at a news conference outside the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development, which is getting a major rebuild thanks to money from the $1.9 billion package approved by the 2020 Legislature.

“We’ve got opportunities across Minnesota,” said Walz. “There are jobs in local communities. They are geographically spread across the entire state. They focus on water infrastructure. They focus on the things that make life simply better for folks, as well as investing for the future as you see in this project here.”

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