A cconservative group known for filing campaign finance complaints against prominent Democrats asked federal regulators Wednesday to investigate U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., over her campaign spending.

The National Legal and Policy Center seized on the latest controversy surrounding Omar, a first-term Democratic congresswoman who represents a Minneapolis-area district. The group wants the Federal Elections Commission to look into whether Omar spent campaign money inappropriately.

The complaint relates to a divorce filing in Washington on Tuesday that alleged that Omar has had an extramarital affair with one of her top political consultants. The consultant’s firm has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars from Omar’s campaign, including on the man’s travel to events involving Omar. His wife filed for divorce.

Omar told WCCO TV she is not dating outside her own marriage but declined to say more.

The group says the FEC needs to determine if there were campaign spending violations. The NLPC has previously filed complaints against outspoken Democrats in Congress, including New York’s Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and California’s Maxine Waters.

The FEC currently has vacancies that leave the entity short of a quorum, raising concerns it won’t be in a position to adequately police campaign spending heading into the 2020 election.