As Dayton gives final State of State, what has he promised and what has he delivered?

Mark Dayton is nine months from leaving office. His departure will mark the end of a political career that spans four decades and three elective offices — auditor, U.S. senator and governor.

Without question, his eight years as governor have had high points and low points. There is no single way to grade a governor's tenure, but one is to compare what Dayton said he'd do to what he did.

"I'm the one who said it first, I've been saying it the most and I'm the one who really means it: That I will raise taxes on the richest Minnesotans," Dayton said as he was running for governor eight years ago.

And he did. It took Dayton a few years, but he eventually enacted a new 4th income tax bracket of nearly 10 percent. He also imposed higher tobacco taxes, which he had campaigned against.