Douglas County has an idea of how they’d like to develop a fairgrounds parking lot in Superior. The site could potentially offer 82,000 sq. ft. of retail, 40 apartment units, 52 townhome units and 30 duplexes.  

County officials asked developers to pitch ideas for the site last year, but didn’t get any response. Officials decided to solicit a possible design hoping to attract developers. Douglas County Administrator Andy Lisak said the design allows those who are interested to develop one portion of the site instead of doing it all. He said there’s a high demand for housing in the county.

“We are looking at using that site for its highest and best use. It’s used for parking maybe three or four days out of the year. Especially when the fair comes to town,” he said. “But we believe that there are other parking alternatives for fair use and other use for the fairground itself.”

Lisak said the site is open for both residential and commercial retail use.

“It’s right to the south of our commercial corridor with the Walmart or the Menards store being sort of the last major retailer before we get to the site. So it’s along our commercial corridor. Number one,” he said. “Number two: there is a nice transition between commercial to residential - residential being south Superior.” 

Lisak said they are seeking interested developers.