The pandemic has caused historic levels of job loss and business closures in Wisconsin and across the country, but how many Wisconsinites are struggling to make ends meet ...?

The Marquette Law School Poll has asked Wisconsinites a similar question since 2016: "Thinking about your family's financial situation, would you say you are living comfortably, just getting by, or struggling to make ends meet?"

John Johnson, a research fellow at Marquette University who works on the poll, said the answers pollsters received on that question during the pandemic initially confused them.

"At a topline level, the numbers have been remarkably stable over this year," Johnson said. "And in fact, in our most recent poll ... we had the highest number of people saying they're 'living comfortably' since we started asking the question in March of 2016."

In that poll, which was conducted in October, a total of 67 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin surveyed said they were "living comfortably," a surprisingly large number given the economic upheaval caused by the pandemic. 

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