UW-Superior awards $148,400 to nearly 400 students for emergency funding

The University of Wisconsin-Superior recently awarded $148,400 in emergency grant funding to nearly 400 students.

“This will be a big help for many of our students,” said Jeremy Nere, UW-Superior executive director of admissions. “This has been a great effort to get funds to our students who truly need it.”  

Awards ranged from $200 to $500 and were made possible through a variety of federal, state and institutional funds.

Like other higher education institutions, UW-Superior received and distributed CARES Act Relief funding in accordance with federal government requirements. However, the university also went further in securing additional resources for students.

In March, the Emergency Grant Fund was quickly established with dollars made available from the discontinuation of the Perkins Loan program, as well as the generosity of donors who contributed through the UW-Superior Foundation. 

Since the global pandemic has begun, UW-Superior has awarded more than $940,000 in additional aid to its students.