St. Scholastica names business school after Stender

Bruce Stender

The College of St. Scholastica on Wednesday honored Dr. Bruce Stender for his service as St. Scholastica’s ninth president from 1974 to 1981. 

The honor was extended by placing his name on the Stender School of Business and Technology, located on campus in Tower Hall.

”Bruce has been an incredible visionary leader for St. Scholastica,” said CSS President Barbara McDonald. “What is so special is his commitment to ethical education – his commitment to Benedictine values.”  

The college also recognized Stender and his wife Kaye, their son Tom and his wife Mimi Stender for their financial support. 

“What a treasure,” said ALLETE Chief Executive and Board Chair Al Hodnik. Stender served on ALLETE’s board of directors for 20 years. “He’s been active in philanthropy, business and community development. What an awesome guy,” Hodnik said.

Oct. 23 was deemed Bruce W. Stender Day through local, state and federal proclamations.

“It’s a memorable day for St. Scholastica and the new Stender School,” said its dean, Dr. Rick Revoir.

Stender credited the college for bringing him and his family to Duluth, where he became St. Scholastica’s ninth president in 1974.

“This region needs a constant flow of young, ethical people to move forward,” he said, crediting the Benedictine values taught at St. Scholastica.