The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has issued a denial without prejudice of the Line 3 Replacement Project’s Water Quality Certification (WQC).  This action was expected since the MPCA is prohibited by state law from issuing a final  WQC until the EIS has been revised to reflect the June 3rd Court of Appeals decision requiring additional spill modelling, Enbridge said in a Friday press release

“Today’s action by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project was expected given the Minnesota Court of Appeals decision back in June. Jobs for Minnesotans is encouraged by the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision last week and the quick action of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to move expeditiously through the final reviews of the Line 3 Project. 

“The Line 3 Project is the most thoroughly reviewed project in the state’s history. We look forward to seeing this Project move forward for the betterment of Minnesota communities and environment in the coming months,” Jobs for Minnesotans said in prepared remarks.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will initiate steps to revise Line 3’s EIS with spill modeling as directed by the Court of Appeals, and has scheduled a meeting to confirm the path forward on October 1.

Enbridge is addressing the identified items, continues to work with the MPCA, and anticipates submitting an updated and revised application in the near future. 

"We don’t expect today’s action by MPCA will impact the project’s status or timeline," Enbridge said.

The 350 mile replacement segment in Minnesota and North Dakota is now the only portion of the line that has not be replaced with brand new pipe achieving the latest safety standards.