LHB reveals new Industrial Group structure

Jason Mangan, left, and Jeremy Clarke.

LHB announced its Industrial Group will be led by Jason Mangan at the principal level and Jeremy Clarke at the Group level. The group serves a variety of private and public industries including pulp and paper, mining, energy generation, manufacturing and development.

As the Industrial Group principal, Mangan will be responsible for market growth, quality control, and ensuring client satisfaction along with managing operations for LHB’s Pipeline Group. He is a licensed mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience overseeing the design and construction of industrial and pipeline projects, supervising design professionals, and building client relationships. A shareholder at LHB, he serves on the Board of Directors, Operations Committee, and has led firm-wide strategic planning tasks, and continues to manage the staffing, design, and client relationships for the Pipeline Group.

Clarke is a licensed structural engineer who will be the Industrial Group leader, responsible for managing projects, engineering design and coordination, project staffing and the daily client contact.  Also an LHB shareholder, he has participated in firm-wide strategic tasks, and helped expand the Industrial Group’s services across the upper Midwest.