Lehtinen survives plane crash thanks to Cirrus parachute system, Canadian rescuers

Matt Lehtinen unpacks emergency supplies with his SR-22 in the background.

Matt Lehtinen of Grand Rapids, president of Tacora Resources Inc., survived a July 27 airplane crash in Quebec thanks to the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System aboard his 2005 Cirrus SR22 G2.

According to CTV News in Canada, Lehtinen was flying from Wabush, Newfoundland.,where his company owns the Scully iron ore mine, to Quebec City when he received oil pressure and oil temperature warnings. Then his engine stopped and made grinding sounds that suggested it was permanently damaged. He engaged the parachute and his aircraft fell to the ground safely.

So people could learn from his experience, Lehtinen logged his experience in a video to share with others. It shows the visibly shaken pilot activating a Garmin SOS transmitter, starting a fire, receiving messages from rescuers, then receiving a flare from them, lighting the flare and being removed from the forest by helicopter. Participating in the rescue were the Canadian Royal Airforce, Mounted Police, Nav Canada, air traffic control, search and rescue personnel and other members of law enforcement.

"It's just surreal. Look at the forest. It split the door right in half, which of course allowed me to get out, through the grace of God," he said while still at the crash site. In the video, he wrote a note to his rescuers: "You are my heros, and you saved my life," and signed it "Sincerely: A Grateful American."

Click here to see the video.