Evolve Duluth transforming into cooperative center

Cat Parker-Delp

Evolve Duluth, a fitness and yoga studio founded by Rod Raymond, located at 132 E. Superior St. in the city’s old city hall, is now under new ownership.  

New co-owner Cat Parker-Delp is developing space based on a new business plan: a cooperative space open to yoga instructors and fitness professionals, under one roof.

“Teachers who have always wanted to own their own business but did not have the means to open their own studios will now have a place to let their personal practice really evolve,” she explained. “This also gives the community options for varying fitness disciplines all in one location.” 

Evolve Duluth Co-op said it will also help promote participating member businesses while offering access to a fully-equipped, temperature-controlled gym and fitness studio.

“Evolve was Duluth’s first hot yoga studio and it keeps evolving. Cat’s plan is another first in our community and a great way to help other make their fitness and business goals a reality, “ Raymond said in a news release.

Parker-Delp intends to keep yoga classes, hot yoga, spin classes and personal training continuing at the studio while looking for instructors who will bring in new programs and other wellness approaches.