DULUTH, MN—The Duluth International Airport (DLH) today announced that beginning Friday, March 13, 2020, Delta Airlines will operate mainline aircraft at DLH. The route will be served by the Boeing 717 aircraft on its first flight out in the morning and last flight in from Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport (MSP). The new mainline service replaces the existing flight that has been operate by the regional 50-seater jet.  

The new mainline service brings a larger two-cabin offering to customers. It features 110 seats, 12 first class seats, 20 Delta Comfort and 78 main cabin.  The aircraft also provides inflight Wi-Fi and in-seat power.  Delta Airlines will be operating with six daily flights out of DLH.  With the exception of the first flight out and the last flight in, the other daily flights will continue to be operated by the regional 50-seater jets. The last time DLH saw a mainline aircraft from Delta was intermittently in 2016.  

“We are excited by Delta’s decision to reintroduce mainline service to our customers in the region.  The arrival of the B717 shows the confidence Delta has in this market and has recognized the rise in passengers deciding to #FlyLocal at DLH,” said Natalie Peterson, communications and marketing director at the Duluth Airport.

With the addition of the Delta mainline and positive growth at DLH, airport officials recommend passengers arrive 90 minutes before departure to allow more time for check-in and at security — especially during their peak times in the early morning and mid-afternoon.