Daniel Fanning to lead new Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation
The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce has hired Daniel Fanning to lead policy and foundation efforts as the new vice president of strategy and policy and the executive director of the Duluth Area Chamber Foundation. 
The announcement comes as the chamber launches its Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation. 
According to a statement from the chamber, many chambers, especially large ones like the Duluth chamber, operate with a foundation. This decision comes after a year of research, a strategic planning consultant, an HR consultant, and attorneys in employment and business law. Accounting and finance professionals were consulted to put fiduciary practices in place. The chamber's foundation is intended to do more to serve its members, businesses and the larger community. 
Fanning will oversee policy and advocacy efforts at the Chamber.
"His experience in legislative advocacy, public policy, public relations, and building relationships, coupled with a formal education in leadership, makes Daniel the ideal fit to grow our influence at City Hall, the State Capitol and beyond," the Chamber said in an official announcement.
The announcement goes on to state, "In addition, Daniel joins us with proven skills in fundraising and nonprofit leadership that will help establish and grow the Duluth Chamber Foundation. Daniel holds a Masters of Advocacy and Political Leadership from UMD, is a combat veteran with several years of military experience and decorated leadership, and has over 20 years of experience in government relations at the local, state, and federal levelhaving worked for the City of Duluth, the State of Minnesota and the United States Senate. Further, he has over 5 years of proven executive experience leading a foundation to historic success."