A new craft beer manufacturer, Ursa Minor Brewing, announced it will open in Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Ursa Minor will be a five-barrel brewery built to serve its own taproom with a variety of rotating beer styles. Its taproom will also be supplemented by a wood-fired oven that will supply a selection of artisan Napolitano-style pizzas.

The concept was the dream of Ben and Mark Hugus, who are brothers. They chose the name "Ursa Minor" because of the role craft beer has played in their lives.  The name is derived from the constellation Ursa Minor, better known as the Little Dipper, which contains the North Star.

“Throughout history, people across the world have used the North Star as a guiding light, or an anchor point, in the night sky to navigate their way across our wondrous and mysterious world. Craft beer is our guiding light and has brought us into the amazing craft beer community,” they said in their Monday announcement.

Ben Hugus is a co-founder and our chief of operations. Mark Hugus is another co-founder and is the head of brewing operations. Andrew Scrignoli is general manager. 

The company is located at 2415 W Superior Street, Suite B. The principals have partnered with David Marshall of Marshall Construction Services. The construction phase for the brewery and taproom is just beginning.  Plans call for an opening by mid-summer.