Three new businesses have opened in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood.

Two liquor stores, Lakeside Liquors and Stokke’s Liquor, will be the first to sell liquor in the long-dry Lakeside, dating back to the 1890s. Sutherland CBD, a hemp extract and CBD store, is also joining the Lakeside business community.

Dual liquor stores

After meeting the requirements of city ordinance and state law, and getting final approval from the Duluth City Council, Lakeside’s two new liquor store owners were good to go.

Dawn and Mark Moran (who also own Denny’s Ace Hardware) opened Lakeside Liquors over Memorial weekend at 4507 E. Superior Street in the former Falk’s Pharmacy building. After doing some painting, carpeting and installing a large walk-in cooler and shelving, the Morans were ready to bring in their wine, liquor and beer stock to get the business up and running.

With 4,000 square feet, the Morans are offering a wide variety of wines, liquors and beers, including local craft beer products. They also feature the locally made Vikre gin.

“We going heavy on carrying local products,” Dawn noted. “We live in Lakeside and are very excited to be a part of the Lakeside business community. We see this as a great opportunity for us to be the first to open up a liquor store in the neighborhood. We have had really positive feedback from the neighbors so far.”

Shane Stokke also owns Stokke’s Liquor store in Hermantown (next to his Adolph Store meat market) and Stokke’s Lakewood One Stop.

“I have enjoyed owning the liquor store at my Adolph location and I thought that bringing a new store to Lakeside was a great idea too,” said Stokke. “At first, I thought no one else was opening another liquor store in Lakeside, but I am not worried. There will be some competition, but there should be enough traffic out in the neighborhood to support us both.”

His store is in the former American Family Insurance Building at 5631 E. Superior St., featuring a large parking lot. It offers wine, liquor and local craft brews plus a walk-in “beer cave.”

Sutherland CBD opens 2nd store

A current Superior business is expanding into Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood.  Sutherland CBD is located at 4431 E. Superior St., site of the former Lakeside Gallery. Owner of Superior’s Sutherland CBD, Craig Sutherland is also a Superior City Councilor.

The store offers hemp extracts with a broad profile of cannabinoids (CBD).

Sutherland stressed that CBD is a legal chemical compound from the cannabis plant, and is not the same as THC, the cannabinoid that produces the “high” in marijuana.

According to his website “. . . our store was established out of the need and desire to provide individuals with a healthy and safe alternative for dealing with chronic pain, alleviating anxiety and decreasing depression through CBD oil.”

Sutherland and his family opened their CBD shop at 1613 Tower Ave. in Superior in July of 2018. Offering a variety of products for use by adults and even children and pets, they are selling the same products at their Lakeside location, including oils, topicals, vapes, dog treats, capsules, waters and a number of other products. Their edibles are only available at the Superior store.

Their capsules include products for alertness, relaxation, sleep and women’s monthly wellness. Topical products include hemp balm, topical jojoba oil and a roll-on body oil. Vapes include cartridges, pens and distillates.

Sutherland noted, “We really want to help people who may be looking to get away from big pharmacy’s high costs and side effects. We have had good neighborhood support with Lakeside people stopping by to chat with us as we get the doors open.”