• By MANJA HOLTER / BusinessNorth

Dave Hernesman, owner of Ray’s Sport and Marine, was already planning the demolition of his existing store in Grand Rapids when a streak of luck opened up the possibility to expand his business on a lot not too far away. 

  • By MANJA HOLTER/BusinessNorth

Cindy Hale and Jeff Hall have something that many gardeners dream of: A greenhouse attached to their home that can be accessed straight through their hallway. It is filled with herbs and flowers of all different shapes and sizes. Even on a rainy day, the air in that room is filled richly wit…

  • By KITTY MAYO/BusinessNorth

    A vinyl revival is occurring all over the world, and now one man is bringing it to the Iron Range. Tim “Edwards” Verthein, the veteran radio voice on KOZY-Grand Rapids, opened his new record shop in Bovey last weekend.

  • By RON BROCHU/BusinessNorth

Many motorcycle shops have come and gone in Superior. In a region where motorcycle riding is a six-month endeavor at best, and in a smaller city, the low level of business volume makes success somewhat illusive.

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