• By RON BROCHU / BusinessNorth

The landscape for banks has been changing for decades, with consolidation always being the trend. In 1987, there were 17,325 banks nationwide. By 2013, that number had decreased to 6,813, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC).

  • By MANJA HOLTER / BusinessNorth

Most people who live in remote places in Northern Minnesota choose to do so for the same reasons – no close neighbors, plenty of nature and most of all space to relax, to explore, plant a garden, even raise a few animals, if one is so inclined. But it’s the same advantages that make the latt…

  • By RON BROCHU / BusinessNorth

John Munson’s radio talents have a certain ambidextrous quality. He began on the commercial side, transitioned into public broadcasting and, by all accounts, has been equally talented at both.

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