MADISON -- One of the enduring gripes about Wisconsin’s startup and scale-up climate has been the lack of enough angel and venture capital.


The combination of ferrous and non-ferrous mineral and mining resources have long made Northeastern Minnesota a mining powerhouse.  Minnesota has been a leading producer of iron ore and taconite for decades.  Large quantities of Minnesota’s high grade ferrous mineral resources were mined ove…

  • Daryl Erdman

Here we are in a new year with much hope for the future. Of course, it doesn’t take much to improve on the past three. Hopefully, the only trauma we need to suffer through in 2012 is a political campaign, but since that has been on-going for what seems like forever, it shouldn’t cause too mu…

  • Daryl Erdman

Last month, I wrote about over-regulation’s impact on business development and job creation. The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that regulation costs our economy approximately $1.75 trillion annually or about twice as much as the total personal income receipts of the government…

  • Daryl Erdman

A growing number of blogs and online news sites are emerging regionally in tandem with the growing availability of cheap and simple web design software and server space. This new breed of publishers, however, is finding it’s much easier to produce written content than to generate revenue.

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