Swim Creative relaunches MinnBox

The Duluth-based branding and marketing agency Swim Creative has announced the relaunch of MinnBox, the only subscription box service featuring products from Minnesota makers.

The agency is selling subscriptions for $55 per box, which ship on a bi-monthly basis beginning in February. Each hand-packed box will feature a hand-picked selection of  Minnesota products from Minnesota companies.

“We love our state and the kind, hard-working people who populate it,” said Patrice Bradley, Swim’s founder, CEO, creative director and the co-owner of MinnBox. “As experts at finding and elevating great products made by good people, this is a new way for us to help these companies amplify the reach of their brand and their business, as well as ship some of what makes our state so great to neighbors next door and across the country.”

The team at MinnBox fill each shipment with unique, well-made Minnesota creations, she said.

In time for the holidays, MinnBox is offering an exclusive Holiday Gift Box in very limited quantities, packed with extra Minnesota goodies. Each box is priced $100 and features products from Duluth Pack, Red Wing Stoneware & Pottery, Woodchuck USA and other firms.