Superior Choice Credit Union (SCCU) makes an unprecedented majority donation to the Judy Garland Museum.

The museum had hopes to expand its offerings on land adjacent to theirs, but after a private party made an offer, the museum issued an urgent request for funding. The museum had reached 65% of the $125,000 needed and SCCU answered the call for help by funding the remainder.

“Superior Choice Credit Union made the decision to help them purchase this land” said SCCU CEO and President Tim Foster. “We were working with them right up to the deadline and were able to

come in as a majority donor to make it happen. This land purchase and robust partnership will

enable the museum to expand their offerings and allow for more children to experience interactive

learning. The Judy Garland & Children’s Discovery Museum are pillars of the Grand Rapids

community, and we are proud to lend a helping hand. Our Credit Union prioritizes education,

especially financial, and we look forward to working with the museums to strengthen the community

in that capacity.”

The check will be presented at noon on Thursday, Nov. 10, at the museum.