MDI seeks to hire 200 people

After receiving an order from the United States Postal Service to produce two million totes and one million trays by this fall, Minnesota nonprofit manufacturer MDI is hiring for 200 contract positions including assemblers, print techs, line leads and sonic welders to work until the first week of November. An inclusive workplace with nearly half its employees made up of people with disabilities, MDI has been operating since March as an essential business.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide new job opportunities at our Grand Rapids, Cohasset, Hibbing and Minneapolis facilities at a time when the employment rate for people with disabilities is less than one third as compared to people without disabilities,” said Jeanne Eglinton, director of employment services at MDI. “We are ready to get to work on this project safely and encourage people of all abilities to apply.”

Face masks are provided to all employees, shift schedules are adjusted to minimize congestion and policies are in place to limit who can enter facilities beyond employees. To date, MDI has not had a case of COVID-19 at any of its facilities.

“Our work is essential, not just through the lens of COVID-19 but also for our employees, who find empowerment and purpose through employment,” said Peter McDermott, president and CEO of MDI. “The opportunity to provide 200 people, particularly those with disabilities, the ability to work and grow in a safe, supportive environment is central to MDI’s mission.”

Pay for these positions starts at $15 per hour and includes all shifts. To learn more about these job opportunities and to apply, visit or text 218-313-1700. Please include your name, location, position preference and the best way to contact you.