The Minnesota Supreme Court has indefinitely suspended attorney Nicholas Bradley Schutz. The discipline was imposed after the Lawyers Office of Professional Responsibility filed for disciplinary action against the Duluth lawyer.

A petition for disciplinary action was filed alleging that Schutz committed professional misconduct warranting public discipline, including negligent and intentional misappropriation of client funds; failure to deposit all funds received from clients in advance of legal services into his trust account; failure to maintain required business account books and records; failure to safeguard client funds, and responding to a scam resulting in the theft of client funds held in his trust account. 

He entered into a stipulation for discipline. In it, Schutz withdrew his previously filed answer, unconditionally admits the allegations of the petition, and waives his procedural rights. The parties jointly recommend that, in light of mitigating factors, the appropriate discipline is an indefinite suspension with no right to petition for reinstatement for three years.