The DTA will temporarily reduce fixed-route service on Tuesday, October 13th.  These changes reflect a current shortage of drivers and the desire to provide reliable service on the remaining routes during the months ahead.  There are other DTA fixed routes that provide travel alternatives as indicated below. The routes suspended on Tuesday, October 13th  will include:

  • Route #4 West Duluth (service available on routes 1,2,&3)
  • Route #15 Park Point (dial-a-ride/on-demand service available by calling 218-722-7283)
  • Route #18 Duluth Heights (can use UMD Boulder Ridge Shuttle)
  • Route #23 UMD Circulator (service available on routes 6,11,&13)
  • Route #25 Downtown Circulator (service available on a combination of several downtown routes)
  • One outbound “From Downtown” Route 10E trip @ 5:40pm will also be suspended.
  • These changes do not affect STRIDE Paratransit Service

While there is not a firm date established for restoring the affected routes, DTA officials noted that service will be restored when staffing returns to appropriate levels. 

“We are currently hiring additional drivers to meet our service demands - a backlog exists due to The MN Department of Motor Vehicles being closed earlier this year,” Noted DTA General Manager Phil Pumphrey. The DTA had trained drivers, but they were unable to take the test for licensure. “We are working diligently to bring our service back, and apologize to our customers for any inconvenience they may experience,” he added.