The Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Heart and Vascular team in Duluth is now providing heart and vascular services to patients at Essentia’s Grand Rapids and Deer River Clinics. Three Essentia physicians, Dr. Kalkidan Bishu, Dr. Christopher Bunch and Dr. Javariah Asghar, will care for patients in Grand Rapids one day a month.  Cardiologist Dr. Nicole Worden will see patients four days a month. 

“Patients will be able to receive specialized cardiac consultation and testing close to home,” said Dr. Worden. “This increases patients’ access to care and comfort level and allows doctors like me to have more time to visit with them.”

Another benefit from adding the additional services is freeing up travel time for patients who previously had to travel far distances for heart and vascular care.

“Any time we can avoid sitting for long periods of time is good,” Dr. Worden added.  “Not having to drive helps give patients back some time where they can do something nice for themselves like walking, shopping or visiting family.” 

In Deer River, Dr. Jason Wu will see patients two days a month and Dr. Ayad Jindeel will care for patients one day a month at the clinic.

The team at Essentia cares for a wide variety of conditions, including aortic aneurysms, embolism, stenosis and thrombosis, chest pain, deep vein thrombosis, lymphedema and varicose veins,

The team also offers a pacemaker clinic at the Deer River and Grand Rapids clinics. It provides follow-up assessment and care for patients with pacemakers.